Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cannabis Products In Dogs Vet Hospital South Philadelphia

Cannabis products have recently become widely available to US populations for both recreational and medicinal use. This occurrence has raised a number of important questions regarding the effects of cannabis in dogs. Some questions are related to the accidental exposure of dogs to recreational products while others have focused on the intentional use of cannabinoids for the treatment of disease.
Certainly, dogs can, and do, have a variety of illnesses associated with arthritic pain, epilepsy, poor appetite, glaucoma, anxiety, and nighttime awakening. Happily, we have safe and effective, FDA approved medications for these diseases of dogs and cats. If your canine or feline companion is suffering from one of these conditions, please contact a World of Animals’ veterinarian rather than administering an unknown amount of an unregulated supplement. Accurate diagnosis and proven treatments usually result in better medical outcomes for all pet diseases.